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Brooklyn Vegan

Charlotte Marionneau has been making records as Le Volume Courbe for 20 years. Her music recalls everyone from Vashti Bunyan and Syd Barrett to Broadcast and Stereolab -- Cate Le Bon is also very much in LVC's style -- and have featured My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, members of Primal Scream and more.




Le Volume Courbe has shared a new cover of Daniel Johnston‘s ‘Mind Contorted’ featuring Noel Gallagher and Terry Hall – listen below.

The French artist’s rendition of Johnston’s 1998 track will appear on her new EP ‘Fourteen Years’, which will arrive tomorrow (November 13) via Honest Jons Records.








The Indie Masterplan

Le Volume Courbe have released a stunning cover of the Daniel Johnston track ‘Mind Contorted’. The tune also features Terry Hall and Noel Gallagher.

The cover is set to feature on the up and coming EP ‘Fourteen Years’ which is due for release tomorrow. ‘Mind Contorted’ is a beautiful duet with Charlottes vocals intertwining with The Specials legend Terry Hall, this is knitted together with some psycedellic guitar playing from Noel Gallagher.

Oasis Mania

It’s her first record in five years and the first of three EPs she’s releasing that will also make up her new album that’s due next year.

Live 4 Ever

Noel Gallagher joins Terry Hall on Le Volume Courbe’s delicate Daniel Johnston cover

Brooklyn Vegan

Le Volume Courbe, aka Charlotte Marionneau whose music you may have recently heard in Killing Eve, is gearing up to release her first new album in five years. It's coming out in the form of three EPs, the first of which is called Fourteen Years and will be out November 13 via Honest Jons Records.




French psychedelic musician Le Volume Courbe has shared plans for new EP 'Fourteen Years'.

Le Volume Courbe releases a brand-new EP, Fourteen Years, via Honest Jons Records on November 13. It is the first in a series of three EPs that will combine to make up the third album by French-born singer and producer Charlotte Courbe, the follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me.





le canal auditif

Charlotte Courbe est de retour avec son projet Le Volume Courbe. Elle nous présentera le 13 novembre prochain l’EP Fourteen Years. Aujourd’hui, c’est le clip de la chanson-titre qu’elle nous présente. Toujours aussi psychédélique, légèrement à côté de la track sans non plus laisser complètement de côté la mélodie qui charme l’oreille, elle frappe dans le mille. Cette Française installée à Londres depuis 1995 a fait le pari de bouger vers Brighton juste avant la pandémie.

Backseat Mafia

WENDING my way through a particular tributary of my record collection the other day, I came across a lovely, lofi 7″, characterised by the mint and cream swirl artwork of Alan McGee’s post-Creation imprint, Poptones; it was Le Volume Courbe’s quirky folk tune, “Papillon De Nuit”, an idiosyncratic and alluring essay in pigeon coos, downhome acoustic guitars, Gallic vocal free-association. Beautiful. Where is she now? I wondered, Le Volume Courbe being the musical alias of Charlotte Marionneau.

Sun Burns Out

Il aura fallu plus de quatre années à Charlotte Marionneau pour remettre son Volume Courbe en ordre de marche. En interview, la chanteuse parlait déjà du coup d’après mais elle ne se doutait pas alors de ce qui l’attendait : une tournée internationale à jouer des percussions, des ciseaux et du triangle avec Noel Gallagher puis l’annonce d’une maladie sévère qui l’a tenue éloignée des scènes pendant quelques mois avant de doper son envie de venir à bout d’un nouveau projet.

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