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New EP Fourteen Years
out now
Honest Jon's Records

“She reminds me of a female Syd Barrett… she keeps running into me all over the place from concerts or serving me ice cream at the Curzon on a wet Saturday night or on Jools Holland with the High Flying Birds… I love Charlotte… a great talent and a real psychedelic soul musician.”
Alan McGee



New EP Fourteen Years out November 13 via Honest Jons Records

The first in a series of three EPs that will combine to make up the third album.

“When I first met her she was wearing a cape… she looked like a little piece of Lego. She told me she liked some of my songs but not all of them. (I hadn’t even asked her opinion!!) She’s beautiful, fearless and one hell of a tambourine player.”
Noel Gallagher


Fourteen Years


I wish Dee Dee Ramone was here with me


Theodaurus Rex

I killed my best friend.jpg

I Killed My Best Friend

“A true original and a truly unique artist. There’s is not many I can say this about, but I honestly think I love everything she’s ever recorded! All hail the Scissor Queen!”
David Holmes



French-born Charlotte moved to London in 1995 after growing up in a small town in Pays de la Loire. She had a brief spell in a band there, but found that in London, “music is just so much more a part of the culture,


“Inspiring originality, fiercely independent beautiful music, always years ahead of its time. I remember hearing Charlotte’s music for the first time and being immediately taken by the freshness, great melodies and utterly unique approach.”
Kevin Shields



‘Fourteen Years’: Charlotte returns with brilliant quirkiness

Fourteen Years'.... puts a jazzy spin on a Velvet Underground-style strummer. It's pretty terrific

“Charlotte is bewitchingly talented, a true rarity that has inspired a lot of creative people. The kind of woman songs are written about. She’s an artist that steals your heart away and then comforts you with her stunning music.”
Hope Sandoval

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